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Matt Keenan

LIVES: New Jersey 

LOCAL SPOT: North end of Ocean City, New Jersey

YEARS KITING: Two years but we have some long winters. I won’t get to kite for months unless I travel.

STYLE: I think a good style is important. I love how technically smooth everyone on the BWS team is and I want to try to keep it really clean and smooth like the rest of the crew. You’ve got to look crisp, clean and fresh no matter what!!

FAVORITE DESTINATIONS: Indo, Barbados, Hatteras, PR at the REAL House, and Oz.

GOALS: The funny thing is the biggest life goal I had was to be able to take care of my wife and have a good future. Working for Nike Action Sports has done that but as soon as I saw BWS start, I just wanted to get good enough to get on the team and show other surfers the future is right here and right now. So I’m two for two but I would really like to just master my kite and get a lot better with it and doing what I can do surfing on a wave with my kite. I want to fly like Ian and you, you freaks!

OTHER INTERESTS: Is there really anything more interesting then the “FROTH” ? That’s all I’m interested in. Huge massive daily doses of froth. On land, snow, water just serve it up!!

SPONSORS: BWS, Rawson/ EVF surfboards, NPX, REAL Watersports, Filtrate eyewear and Freak