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A traditional shape with a new-school build

The DHD kite-only combines DH’s proven surfboard shaping know-how, Appletree’s amazing construction technologies and Ben Wilson’s many years of strapless kitesurfing experience. A unique partnership in which this first ever, dedicated DHD kite surfboard was defined.

This board has less volume and runs a little shorter than the dual-use surf and kite version, as most kiteboards do. It’s good for a huge range of wave sizes and shapes but also handles higher winds when you need something with great performance. We made this board for ripping into waves no matter their size; it’ll get you in the pocket or let you carve bold turns on the open face. This board is manufactured from similar high-tech materials to the Stallion and Drifter 2.0, meaning it is ultra durable yet still has plenty of flex so you feel like you’re riding a real surfboard. 

Over the past 18 months we worked together with our manufacturer to develop a unique technology that ensures a light yet durable construction. With the DHD Ben Wilson we redefined the complete construction from A to Z with new materials. We reviewed every element of the board to make it even more durable and comfortable offering more flex for better surfing performance.

bw dhd kiteboard


On the deck is a thin layer of honeycomb that runs the length of the board. This layer is sandwiched between fiberglass to provide very good impact resistance. In addition, to further improve the dent resistance under the front foot, we added an extra layer of natural cork. Again, this layer is sandwiched between fiberglass before the whole board is laminated under pressure and coated with its signature blue resin. The deck is left with a slight honeycomb texture that is filled with white resin and sanded smooth. There’s a lot that goes into each of these boards!


Comes with FCSII as standard. 5 Futures Finboxes available on request.

bw dhd kiteboard


The DHD Ben Wilson is built with our new foam, which is 60% stronger in pressure than before but with same flex in the length, offering performance and riding comfort. We call it 50K closed cell, because it can bear until 50.000kg per m2.

XPS is like EPS so it only works with epoxy resin. But it is different that it does not contain the beads that EPS has, That’s whey call it closed foam, it means it’s completely waterproof! So no worries when you ding the board. just keep kiting and fix it later. XPS is notoriously hard to laminate, but our fusion tech makes it possible! The core is fused with the skin, this gives an optimal bond between skin and core, virtually eliminating de-lamination.


We’re happy to contribute to a more eco-friendly shredders world and be part of the ECOBOARDProject. You will find the official numbered Ecoboard labels on the BW DHD.



The DHD Ben Wilson is built in a double sandwich construction with the latest 2mm Hex Skin Glass tech all over deck providing a durable platform yet offering a lot more riding comfort than with the 5mm PET inserts of before. There is a structural top and bottom BIAX fibreglass layer, with on top of that another glass fibre layer. Together they form a dent resistant layer with the right amount of flex.


To counter the strength of the Hex Glass on the deck and to further control the flex of the board, we designed the U-stringer. The U-stringer of the board consists of an even higher density foam insert wrapped in fibreglass. This stringer acts as a spring rod and runs only in the middle of the board, leaving the tail and nose to freely flex. The u-flex stringer is covered with a thin layer of unidirectional carbon fibre, to further control flex.

The boards are glassed in clear epoxy so you can look directly inside the board, we have nothing to hide under layers of paint! The colour on the boards come from tint in the resin itself, it’s transparent and will never fade.


Darren Handley is regarded as one of the world’s best surfboard shapers. The writing is on the wall; his brand’s stable includes 3X ASP World Champion Mick Fanning and 6X ASP Women’s World Champion Stephanie Gilmore among dozens of other world-class surfers. Appletree Surfboards has been our manufacturing partner the past years, building the highest tech surf kiteboards pushing innovation to new standards, the DHD Ben Wilson features the latest innovation Hex Skin technology, with the right flex for highest performance and amazing durability.

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5’5 x 17.7” x 2.0”. 20,6L

5’7 x 18.0” x 2.0”. 21,42L

5’9 x 18.2” x 2.1”. 23.6L

Board weight is between around 2,8 to 3kg, depending on size.

What size to take

5’5: Weight 55/75kg. Height 155-175cm
5’7: Weight 75/90kg. Height 170-185cm
5’9: Weight +90kg. Height 180-200cm