The Æ2.S Wave Kite

What's so good about the newest Æ2 wave kite, the Æ2.S?

At BWSURF we are always evolving and learning. We've worked hard to ensure our production is flexible enough to keep up with our demands and dynamic enough to make changes on the fly. It's this ability to adapt and grow that sets us apart. So when we find new products or anywhere we can improve a current model, we change it. That's what we've done with the latest Æ2 kites now on sale. 

We found a new bladder material with a dry yet slippery coating, translating to minimal friction, reduced wear and easier replacement. Made from the latest V2 TPU Film 0.1mm these are crafted the strongest TPU bladder material for its weight available to date. 

We changed the valve to a TPU airlock kite valve. No more nozzles! This inflate valve fits all kite pumps. It's quick, simple, with no tricky attachments. 

We found even better lines. The Capetown FL610 bridle lines from premium German line manufacturer, Teufelburger. Selected for the incredibly low elongation test results and even greater durability and performance. 

We made the kite stiffer by changing the LE and strut fabric to a stiffer, KPE 165 Dacron made by Dimension Polyant for increased profile rigidity that translates to an amazing, direct feel and improved handling of the kite.