Unbeatable surf performance.


We’ve been in the wave kite business for 10 years now and have always been at the forefront of design, creating equipment to suit the style of riding we love. These days we’re still passionate about the waves but have a larger range of kites to suit different riders.

ae2 kite render.jpg


We wanted to create a wave kite that turns super fast but at the same time keeps the best elements of our early BWSURF Noise models, primarily drift and stability. With the Æ2 we can proudly say we’ve succeeded in this mission. The Æ2 is a complete re-design with a smoother profile and faster turning achieved in part through altering arc shapes through each size. The response on the wave and drift is far greater than any other kite we have made or flown. A tricky combination to achieve but one that delivers a far more user-friendly performance to the rider and will make riding in waves (or landing freestyle tricks) smoother and more achievable for all levels of rider.  


The V1BE might be the first true single strut wave kite but its drift and smooth handling translates to foiling meaning you can keep your quiver simple. Combining the lightness and upwind performance of 1-strut design with our gold standard Signature Drift, stability and turning, the V1BE will take you from the waves to the glide with ease.

The V1BE’s designer, Dano See, has been experimenting with and refining the 1-strut wave kite for years and is finally satisfied with the results. “This wave design is something we have been working on for some time now because we wanted to get it perfect, and we all believe it is!”