BWSurf Stallion Overhead



The Stallion Overhead is purpose designed for riding bigger, steeper and more critical waves. Ideal for powered riding and drawing sharp fast lines.




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BWSurf Stallion Overhead Kiteboard

When the waves get bigger and steep, the BWSurf Stallion Overhead is the board you want to be on.

The BWSurf Stallion Overhead kiteboard is following the amazing success of the Stallion, thanks to its incredible all round performance and innovative construction. We were inspired to design a new shape derived from the Stallion but aimed more specifically at riding bigger and more critical waves. In this light the Stallion Overhead was born. After 18 months of R&D and trying many different prototype shapes and board concepts we couldn’t be happier with the result. The Stallion Overhead’s design offers unmatched control on the wave and the most radical bottom turns and tight top turns. Redistributed volume, a more curved outline, narrow tail, more tail rocker and scoop in the nose sum up distinguish the Overhead from the Stallion. We also created a completely new channel concept to ensure a fast and controllable drive. The Stallion Overhead is the first noseless board in the market offering high performance in big waves and the ‘good’ days, The perfect compliment in a quiver with the Stallion.


 What is unique in Stallion Overhead is the mix ofconceptual paths the water can flow which does make it plane early, ride fast, turn tight and be completely drag free.There is a precise formula of fin placement, width and channel dispersion, which makes the Stallion boards the best
kitesurfing boards on the market today.


Stallion Overhead Kiteboard

The construction is the same winning concept as the Stallion V2.
The manufacturing of the board is in Europe at the board factory Apple Tree, who are constantly pushing and developing innovative kiteboard construction technologies. A unique construction with Hexcore technology was developed to ensure the lightest and very durable boards available on the market today.


BWSurf Stallion Overhead

The closed cell tech with XPS foam, of which the boards are made is like EPS so it only works with epoxy resin. But it
is different in the way it does not contain the beads that EPS has, That’s why they call it closed foam, it means it’s
completely waterproof! So no worries when you ding the board. just keep kiting and fix it later. XPS is notoriously hard
to laminate, but our fusion tech makes it possible! The core is fused with the skin, this gives an optimal bond between
skin and core, virtually eliminating de-lamination.


Hexcore are strategically placed patches that provide a durable platform for your feet. These patches are made from
a super high strength PET honeycomb foam that is radically different from any other honeycomb on the market today.
The honeycomb is set into the deck of the board, it doesn’t just sit on top of the foam. The patches are sandwiched
between fiberglass layers, together they form a very dent resistant layer and prevent the deck under your feet from
denting marks.

The bottom of the board is relatively soft with good flex, offering comfort and high performance in the waves. Strength
on deck, flex on the bottom: this is the best of both kite and surfing worlds.


To counter the strength of the Hex Fusion on the deck and to further control the flex of the board, we designed the Ustringer.
The U-stringer consists of a high density foam insert wrapped in fiberglass. This stringer acts as a spring rod and runs only in the middle of the board, leaving the tail and nose to freely flex. The u-flex stringer is covered with a thin layer of unidirectional carbon fibre, to further control flex.

The boards are glassed in clear epoxy so you can look directly inside the board, we have nothing to hide under layers
op paint! The color on the boards come from tint in the resin itself, it’s transparent and will never fade.


Stallion Eco Board Project



As all our other boards in the line up the BWSurf Stallion Overhead is also officially part of Ecoboard Project, building the board with more eco friendly resins. We’re happy to contribute to a more ecofriendly shredders world and be part of the ECOBOARDProject. Every Overhead board comes with an officially numbered Ecoboard label.






Sizing Guidelines:

You cannot compare the shape of the BWS Stallion Overhead with a traditional surfboard, we recommend to ride it between 4′′ and 6′′ shorter then a directional. Comparing to the Stallion, we recommend to size up 1 size, ie: when riding Stallion 5’2, go for the Stallion Overhead 5’4.



BWSurf Stallion Overhead Kiteboard Sizes:
5’2 x 17.1” x 2.0” – 20.7L – 6.3lbs
5’4 x 17.5” x 2.0” – 21.8L – 6.6lbs
5’6 x 18.0” x 2.0” – 23.6L – 6.8lbs


BWSurf Stallion Overhead Kiteboard Finbox System:

Stallion Overhead FCSII




BWSurf Stallion Overhead Color: Apple Green

BWS Stallion Overhead Apple Green




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5'2 x 17.1” x 2.0” – 20.7L, 5'4 x 17.5” x 2.0” – 21.8L, 5'6 x 18.0” x 2.0” – 23.6L


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