Ben Wilson


Owner and co-founder of BWSURF, Ben Wilson has been kiting since the beginning. Ben was introduced to kiting around the new millennium while he was working on Namotu Island in Fiji. During winters he was always frustrated by trade winds, which meant afternoon surfing was rarely an option. One year some guests from Maui (Robby Naish & co.) visited and brought the latest in wind-riding technology – one of the original 2 line kites – and taught Ben the basics. After that the afternoons provided an opportunity to get out on the water where Ben practised on his surfboard, as it was all he had. It was during this time he had a light bulb moment, and realised kiting was a way to travel the world and develop a career. At the time, when kiting was only new, freestyle was the only commercial avenue so Ben followed the professional competition circuit for years before eventually returning to ride waves on his surfboard. After that, he sought to create more specific equipment with Dano See and together they formed BenWilsonSurf.