Gretta Kruesi

team-gretta-kruesi“I first learned in front of my parent’s beach house in Charleston, SC. This was back in 2005 and there were literally no other girls kiting there at the time. The surf was pretty bad that summer and I remember seeing a few local guys having so much fun on kites! I made it my mission that summer to learn—and am thankful to this day for the friends that took me under their wing. Still hooked to this day.”

Kitesurfer, model, artist and entrepreneur, Gretta Kruesi brings a new element to the team. Not just a pretty face, Gretta is currently studying fashion, working both in front and behind the camera plus her street art can be found around Europe and the US. Gretta certainly cuts it with the boys as a kitesurfer but she also hopes to inspire more women to get out on the water.

“I’m a big believer in doing the things you are passionate about and the things that you love. I used to feel like I was spreading myself too thin because I happen to be passionate about a lot of things. For me it’s painting, living a healthy lifestyle, surfing, kiteboarding, and service driven work. The one unifying thread for me is the ocean.” ~Gretta Kruesi

LOCAL SPOT: I’m based in LA at the moment and Malibu is my go-to local spot. Zeros and County Line are my favorite breaks here.


STYLE: Strapless surf

FAVOURITE DESTINATIONS: Namotu, Maui, Cali, BVI and almost anywhere with warm water, waves and wind

GOALS: To always enjoy the ride, be in the moment, give it my all, always choose surf, and get as many girls into strapless kitesurfing as possible

OTHER INTERESTS: Ocean Inspired…art, fashion, dancing, writing, traveling

SPONSORS: BWS, Roxy, Las Olas