Kohl Christensen

team-kohl-christensenKohl Christensen’s life balances the search for the biggest waves with building and farming at home in Hawaii. “Surfing big waves keeps me grounded,” Kohl says. As one of the leading players in the revival of paddle-in surfing in giant conditions, he spends much of his time tracking swells and testing new board designs. Kohl is relatively new to kitesurfing but has taken to it like a duck to water, fast becoming one of the smoothest and most natural kiters in the lineup. While big waves will always be his first calling, kitesurfing has opened up a new world of possibilities. When it’s both flat and calm you might find Kohl tending his off-the-grid farm or installing solar systems around Oahu. When the waves are pumping he’ll be paddling into the biggest waves he can find.

LOCAL SPOT: Mokuleia


STYLE: Goofy

FAVORITE DESTINATIONS: I love home but always seem to gravitate towards barreling left-handers.

GOALS: learn how to kite. I still feel like I have a looong ways to go.

OTHER INTERESTS: Learning how to live a healthy and productive life, reading historical fictions and surfing big waves. Oh, and the mountains.

SPONSORS: Patagonia & BWSurf