Luke Roman

LIVES: I Live in Tampa Bay Florida. I was born in Poland and immigrated to the USA
LOCAL SPOT: My local riding spot would be Clearwater Beach for West winds and SkywayBridge for East
YEARS KITING: Been kiting since 2013 coming over from surfing and windsurfing
STYLE: Prefered style is to ride strapless as much as possible (surf, skims, wakesurfer, hybrids & sup boards) people ask if i even own a twintip LOL
FAVORITE DESTINATIONS: My favorite day trip to go is Florida’s East Coast and if I have more time OBX in North Carolina. I’d love to go to the Philippines & anywhere in the Pacific
GOALS: My goal is to help share the stoke of kiting to other surfers. Shoot videos. And land as many different combos of rotational moves and jumps i can in a session
OTHER INTERESTS: My background is computer vfx graphics & animation and interested in action/event video filming
SPONSORS: I get support from (our Florida surf forecast/report website) (my local kite shop) and (my favorite fins)
WHY BWS: I choose BWSurf because it is their vision and mission to propel surf style riding. BWS videos are the first videos that showed me you can shred it on a surfboard with a kite!
ROCK, PAPER, OR SCISSORS: ROCK cuz I like to crusssh it!