Rich Covert

Local Spot: The Pit,Morro Bay.
Style: Strictly surf (no straps).
Years Kiting: Since 2001.
Best kite destination: BAJA.
Motto: “When you get tired of walking,RUN!”
Why BWS: the drift factor with these kites is the best I’ve experienced yet,and I’ve flown them ALL. I’ve been surfing for 35yrs,and kites have enhanced the sport exponentially in the past 10 yrs.BWS kites have evolved into the most user friendly kites for surfing in the world,they are the most efficient “tow in” vehicle in existence. ..and then they let you surf.

As far as goals,sponsers,and interests..stay vertical and breathing on my own…, visa,capital one,and my wife …anything involving salt water.

The best thing about the central coast is probably the “vibe”second only to the wave diversity.