Teddy Lyons


AGE: 22

LOCAL SPOT: Ocean City, NJ

STYLE: Strapless


FAVOURITE DESTINATIONS: Hatteras, California, Hawaii, Caribbean

GOALS: Ride and have fun everyday and help grow the surf aspect of the sport by getting more surfers involved.

OTHER INTERESTS: Surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding

SPONSORS: BWSurf, Hydroflex Surfboards, Engine, Reflekt Polarized, NP Surf

New Jersey local, Teddy Lyons is no stranger to kiting. Beginning as a freshman, he managed to avoid the school bus and catch downwinders home instead. Now with extensive experience both as a rider and instructor, his surf background, relaxed attitude and pure surf-style kiting make him an obvious addition to the BWSurf team. Teddy spends much of his time travelling around the US, sharing his skills and training with guys like Ian. With some serious time on the water and plenty of natural talent, Teddy is one to watch.